Narrowing In: 75 1/2 Bedford

Arguably New York City's narrowest house, the Millay Home (c. 1850) on 75 1/2 Bedford Street provides some uncommon design inspiration for even the most space challenged city dwellers. Built on a lot that was never intended for houses, the space between 75 and 77 Bedford Streets was probably originally used as a horse walk or alleyway entrance to the much larger adjacent homes. At just 9.5 feet wide and 30 feet deep (including the garden in the back), the 990 square foot single-family home was listed at just under four million dollars (or nearly $4k/square foot) in 2012. Neighborhood and historical significance aside, that's some real estate story. Having always thought that bigger isn't necessarily better, this dreamy townhouse is a nice reminder that you don't need loads of space to deliver high style!

Emily C. Butler

Emily C. Butler, 1153 3rd Avenue, New York, New York 10065, USA

Emily C. Butler is a New York City based interior designer + decorator.