Master Bedroom: Before & After

master bedroom designed by Emily Butler

I am excited to share this sophisticated new master bedroom with you. My clients are wonderful and open to making quite a few changes in their space, including updating their bed to this lovely dark grey linen upholstered number and freshening up the bedding with some gorgeous bespoke Matouk linens. I love the contrast between the soft blue walls, more dramatic headboard, and crisp white sheets. We also updated the bedside tables, making sure to compliment style with the Asian influenced lamps and matching the hardware to the nail head detail on the bed. I love how the beautifully detailed lamps really serve to draw all of the colors in the space together. Inviting, isn't it?

Emily C. Butler

Emily C. Butler, 1153 3rd Avenue, New York, New York 10065, USA

Emily C. Butler is a New York City based interior designer + decorator.