Houston Nursery: A Petite Preview

Sophisticated navy and aqua nursery.

Houston, Texas

When a dear friend of mine reached out to a.) tell me she was expecting and b.) ask if I could help with her nursery?, I was beyond excited to accept this fun challenge! Meghann moved to Houston in the fall of 2008, just days before horrific Hurricane Ike. We were lucky to meet soon after bonding over margaritas and miserable hurricane experiences at a dimly lit, generator run Tex-Mex haunt.  We've been friends ever since and I will be forever grateful for the positive role she, her mom, and sisters have all played getting my start as an interior designer.

Knowing Meghann so well made much of my job easy! We began with a furniture plan and then focused on palette, playing around with a couple of compelling options. However, a trip to the D&D where I discovered an amazing and playful aqua and navy Aztec printed fabric along with the knowledge that Meghann already had an aqua chandelier that would otherwise be going unused, Meghann made up her mind on fabrics very quickly.

From the get-go, Meghann also made it clear that she didn't want the nursery to be themed, but a cozy, chic space where she too would feel comfortable spending lots of time. We carefully selected a cozy glider, sophisticated accessories, and made sure to keep the space feeling fresh and inviting. Meghann also selected some really handsome furniture from Young America by Stanley that really anchors the room and encourages a masculine feel, even with all of the soft touches.

I couldn't be happier with the results and look forward to my next trip to Houston where I can snap up some more pictures of this lovely nursery space, especially designed for the newest member of Meghann's family: Jackson Myers.

Emily C. Butler

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