Feeling Thankful

I received The Loveliest note from one of my client's daughters thanking me for the desk I designed for her bedroom. It melted my heart when she presented this hand-written thank you and illustration of the desk to me. I have to share it with you, isn't it the sweetest?

Here are some photos of the evolution of the desk. She captured it very well, don't you think?

I was thrilled when the entire family was excited about a more modern installation, especially since it is so tempting to go with something "safe" in a children's room. This particular client's apartment is filled with a wonderful mix of antiques, contemporary pieces, and loads of fabulous art. The desk design started with a search for an antique and when nothing seemed quite right, it evolved into a more modern execution. While these two styles seem to be at odds with one another, they work beautifully in their apartment.

We mounted this flush front piece, which is completely free of visible hardware, directly on the wall and added some floating shelves above for display space. Because everything else was "floating" on the wall, it was fitting to select a Kartell Victoria Ghost chair as the desk chair. We added in some Poppin desk accessories, and these terrific metal leaning frames to round out the look. 

While design and decorating services can often come across as being frivolous, I sincerely believe that spaces that are thoughtfully planned out with a client's unique needs and aesthetic in mind can dramatically improve the pleasure of every day living. It was such a thrill to receive this note, which reminded me that this appreciation can start at such a young age.

So on Thanksgiving Eve with this note in hand, it is no surprise I am feeling very thankful for my gracious clients!

Emily C. Butler

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