Moving On Up!

At the risk of spilling the beans prematurely, I am too excited not to share that I have a signed contract on a cute one-bedroom coop for purchase. We've already run into a couple of roadblocks (and therefore delays) with financing that are resolving themselves, but my fingers are crossed (please do the same!) that there are no major issues moving forward.

Jonathan, Penelope, and I have been making it work for a while in our très petite Manhattan abode, but I am sure you won't be shocked to hear we've quickly outgrown our modest 350ish SF space. While we really love where we are on the Upper East Side, I originally rented this apartment for just myself. Given the crazy real estate market here, we really haven't been able to find anything in the rental realm that offered incrementally more space for incrementally more money without any major tradeoffs. Believe me, we've looked. UGH, New York: can't live with you, but can't live without you, either.

I've been here nearly 5 years, Jonathan's been here closer to 13 years, and our intent is to stay - at least for the foreseeable future - so it really made a lot of sense to look for an apartment to buy. I owned a little townhouse style condo when I lived in Houston and truly loved being a homeowner. While it was wonderful being able to decorate however I wanted (even though I wasn't even a decorator at the time), it was also really meaningful to own such an important asset.

Lucky for us, we only had to be turned down once before getting the call that our offer was accepted. While the first apartment would have been lovely (and quite large, relatively speaking), we really didn't know enough about the neighborhood. We did plenty of research in the meantime, saw a variety of listings in several different building styles, and feel really good about where we are landing. 

The building is part of a series of small pre-war 10-15 unit walk-ups (unless you count the operable dumbwaiters) on a gorgeous block of a Historic District (see photo above!). The buildings are set back from the street and share a large, private garden in the back. The unit itself is a moderately sized one-bedroom with a large eat-in kitchen, so we are scaling up both the living and bedroom spaces and gaining a separate kitchen/dining room. The unit in "estate condition" and needs a lot of work, but let's get real: mouldings! transom windows! crystal doorknobs! details! green space! SOLD! 

While we still need to finalize financing and get approved by the coop board, I wanted to share some photos of the space as it is now. While it will probably be a little inconsistent, I look forward to sharing the update process with you on this blog and Instagram!

Wish us luck!

Emily C. Butler

Emily C. Butler, 1153 3rd Avenue, New York, New York 10065, USA

Emily C. Butler is a New York City based interior designer + decorator.